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Baby Shower Games for the Best Party Collection #1

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1. Divide and Conquer

Female friends celebrating baby shower
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If you're looking to throw a baby shower anytime soon, you'll want to find just the right baby shower games. A bad baby shower game can really spoil the whole party. I'm going to encourage you to look beyond the baby shower clothes pin game and try some of these favorites. 


Diaper the Baby

 At a shower I recently attended, they played a game where the guests were divided into two teams. They lined up in front of a table with the following items on it:

  • 2 life size naked baby dolls
  • 2 stacks of newborn disposable diapers
  • 2 small travel packs of wipes
  • 2 small bottles of baby powder

The object was to see which team could diaper, wipe, and powder the babies the fastest. The first person in line diapers the baby and hands it off to the next person to repeat the process and it continues on like that. The first team to finish wins and the guest of honor gets all of the extra supplies and the dolls.


2. What's in the bag?

Young girl bringing presents at a baby shower
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One last one I have is one where several small baby items are put into brown paper lunch bags and the bags are sealed and numbered. The bags are then passed around to all of the guests and they try to guess what each item is by feeling it through the bag. The person with the most correct answers wins, and the guest of honor gets to keep all of the baby items.

You can use any items that you wish. Some baby items that work well include:


  • baby bottle
  • rattle
  • pacifier
  • diaper
  • baby toy


3. The Perfect Recipe for Parenting

Baby Shower
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This was a great game we played at my baby shower. I was given a bunch of ingredients: flour, sugar, milk, water, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla, butter, eggs, oil, etc. Then I was told to make a one layer cake from scratch. If I requested an ingredient that wasn't on the table, one of the guests brought it to me from the kitchen. While I was mixing and measuring, the guests were given sheets of paper and pencils and told to write down their own recipes, as well as make suggestions to me. One person also wrote down my "recipe" as I threw things together in a bowl. When I was finished, the cake went into the oven at a temperature and duration I specified.



We opened gifts while it was baking. When it was done, I was required to taste at least one bite. Well, it came out like a flat, sweet pound cake gone bad. Everyone laughed, and then we compared recipes. The guest who was closest to the actual recipe (it can be any "scratch" cake recipe from a cookbook) won a prize. My favorite part is the moral of the game: that marriage and children don't come with recipes, so we rely on the help of friends and family as we go along.


4. Pass the Diaper Bag

Women enjoying a baby shower
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Take some disposable (or cloth) diapers, one for each guest. In one of the diapers, put a healthy glob of peanut butter and fold it back up, nice and tight. Then put the diapers in a diaper bag. Pass the bag around and have each guest pick and open one. The one who gets the dirty diaper gets a door prize!


5. The Baby Gong Show

Mom and Dad at Baby Shower
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Get a real-life (or as close as possible) doll, one that you can change the clothes. Have each guest take their turn at changing/dressing the doll, while other assigned guests create distractions. e.g. call out: the phone is ringing, doorbell, the cat fell in the toilet, food in the oven is burning, etc. Get creative. You can put these distractions on pieces of paper, pass them in a hat or the host can call them out.


Use your stopwatch to time each guest that participates and the one who can get the baby diapered/changed in the shortest time wins a door prize! (Leaving baby unattended on a couch or changing table is GONGED and disqualified!)


6. Baby Shower Gift Bingo

Women at a baby shower
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Have the host draw a bingo card (a box with 5 boxes across by 5 boxes down) leaving the boxes open and make enough photocopies for everyone attending. Before the gifts are opened, have everyone personally fill in the boxes with things they think the mom-to-be will get. As the presents are opened, each guest should cross out the appropriate box(es). (For example, if someone wrote down bodysuits and baby clothes - they could cross off both when the mom-to-be opened an outfit with a matching bodysuit.) The first guest to have all her boxes covered/crossed out is the winner. If at the end of the present opening, no one has a "bingo" then the closest one is the winner.


7. Baby Shower Intruder

Women at Baby Shower
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This game is an idea for my upcoming shower... The hosts' teen daughter will not be present at the beginning of the shower, but will show up for the first game. The teen will begin the skit by "barging" in on the event dressed strangely (you can decide how) and wanting to join in the party. She is wearing a large purse or satchel (important) carrying "goodies". The host is upset by the interruption and demands to see the teens invitation. The teen sits on the floor and begins taking "goodies" out of the purse one by one and placing them on the floor. The "goodies" are baby items. Finally, she finds the invitation and shows it to the host. The host is satisfied with the invitation and says she can stay. The teen packs up her purse and joins the party. Now the guests have to write down every "goodie" the teen had in her purse. Whoever guesses the most correct items is the winner. ***** This is a fun game, and no one "tries" hard to remember the items because they don't expect a game. Also, the mom-to-be gets to keep all the "goodies" in the bag!

 Submitted by Amanda


8. Baby Food Fiasco

Women at Baby Shower
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At a shower I attended, they sent around about 12-15 baby food jars without labels & numbered. They were sent around the room. The object was to see how many you could guess correctly. The winner had the most "flavors" correct after taste testing & won a prize.


9. Baby Shower Firsts

Women enjoying a baby shower
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Ask the ladies to pull out their pocket change (have some extra in case someone's purse or pockets are empty). Everyone has a turn at mentioning something they have never done before (i.e. never kissed a man with a beard, never gone skiing etc). Everyone who has done the mention thing must put a coin in the piggy bank. Once everyone is done - you give the piggy bank to the mother as the baby's first piggy bank with money.


10. Baby Clothespin Game

Group of Women Enjoying a Baby Shower
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Have every guest wear a clothes pin and when a person that has a clothespin says "baby," the first one to catch it, gets that person's clothespin. The one with the most clothespins wins. It's fun to see how fast you can lose your pin and how hard it is to not say "baby."



You can also play a version that includes the baby-to-be's real name. Though this version takes longer.


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