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Stuffed Sock Toy

TheBabyLabel Store

Sock (an anklet works great
Polyester fiberfill stuffing
Straight pins
String or emrboidery thread
2 gloves (a pair or mismatched)
Felt-tip marker
3 buttons
1' thin ribbon (1/4" or thiner)
1. If sock isn't an anglet, cut off leg just above heel; discard. Fill sock with stuffing and close opening with pins (this it top of head). To form neck, tie string around stuffed sock, about 1/3 down from heel end (heel is back of head).
2. Cut two fingers off each glove, cutting into stuffing. Mark where you want arms attached to body. Cut a slit for each arm, slightly smaller than width of stuffed glove finger. Repeat for legs. To attach limbs, insert tab of glove finger into hole and sew, working around edges of limb.
3. For ears, cut two more fingers off a glove. Trim each to 1" long. (Do not stuff.) Unpin top of ead. Fold material under so raw edges are inside. Insert an ear at each end of opening; pin in place. Pin together top of head. Sew closed.
4. Position buttons for eyes and nose. Sew buttons to head. Tie ribbon around neck, then trim.

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