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Seasonal Changes In Your Child's Diet

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Your child's nutritional needs change with seasons. Therefore, it is essential to provide your child fresh seasonal produce. Fresh vegetables and fruits are full of nutrients that your child requires during growth. Thus, to ensure optimal nutrition for your child, feed him or her seasonal foods for the following benefits.
1. Fresh is best
Fruits and vegetables are fresh and are nutritionally beneficial when in season. Once picked, fruits and vegetables begin losing their nutrients; therefore, it is best to consume such foods during their season. Vegetables such as carrots, capsicum, and cabbage; leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce; and fruits such as muskmelon and watermelon are freshest during their growing season.
2. Yummy delights
Children and adults alike wait for strawberry and mango seasons. This is because certain foods are tastiest during their season. Summer season is synonymous with fresh mango milkshake. The final winter months must end with fresh strawberries and cream for dessert. These seasonal fruits are essential because they are not only rich vitamins and antioxidants but are so tasty that even children eat them with delight.
3. Health is wealth
As mentioned above, seasonal foods are rich in nutrients and energy. However, it can be difficult to make children get their required nutrient intake, especially through vegetables. However, you can find fun, creative ways to introduce these seasonal foods into their diet. 
4. No more fuss
Introducing different fruits and vegetables into your baby’s diet at a young age will help your kid get accustomed to these and not fuss over it as they grow. As seasons change, the child gets used to what's on his or her plate. Make stews, milkshakes, and other palatable recipes to introduce seasonal food in you child's diet.
Get creative with food and use the beautiful colors of seasonal vegetables to appeal to your child. You can rest assured that your child will not separate the peas and broccoli out of the meal, but ask for more and enjoy it. 

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