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Toy Safety Tips

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Top 10 Tips for Toy Safety
Babies are the happiest when they play with their toys. However, you must be careful when you shop for toys and follow these important guidelines when you buy a new toy. After all, you must ensure your baby's safety while he or she is having fun. Here are the Top 10 Toy Safety Tips:
1. Toys with sharp ends or edges must be avoided.
2. Toys for older kids must be kept out of your baby's reach.
3. Children love to break toys and pull them apart; therefore, ensure that you buy toys that do not have easily breakable or moving parts.
4. The age recommendation must be checked before buying toys; therefore, read the label, and ensure that it is age appropriate.
5. Washable and non-toxic labelled toys must be bought as children tend to put toys in their mouth.
6. Any games including parts smaller than 1.75 inches in diameter must be avoided for babies and toddlers. 
7. Anything that can fit or pass through an empty toilet paper roll is a choking hazard and should be kept out of your baby's reach. 
8. Toys stuffed with beans should be avoided as they can cause choking hazard.
9. Toys with loose string, ribbons, or cords must be avoided because they can get entangled around your baby's neck. 
10. Toy guns or toys that shoot objects can be injurious and present choking hazards.
Golden Rules for Toy Safety:
1. Read all labels before buying toys. 
2. Know the instructions for use before letting your child play with the toy. 
3. Avoid flimsy toys to prevent early breakage.
4. Ensure that the toys are age-appropriate.
5. Avoid toys with flammable or toxic warnings.
Use these tips and rules to ensure that your child is safe while having fun. 

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