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Problems Becoming Pregnant

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If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant for a year or more through regular unprotected sex, it’s time to see your doctor. If you’re a woman over 35, or if you think that either you or your partner may have a fertility problem, see your doctor after six months of trying.

A fertility problem could be because you’ve had surgery that may have affected your reproductive organs, or because you’ve had a sexually transmitted infection (STI), such as chlamydia, that may have damaged your fertility.

Many couples with fertility problems go on to conceive, with or without fertility treatment.

If you make an appointment to see your doctor because you’re having trouble becoming pregnant, they will ask how long you’ve been trying.

If it’s been less than a year or you haven’t been having unprotected sex regularly, and there is no reason to suspect you may have a fertility problem, your doctor may recommend you keep trying for a while to see if you conceive naturally.

Having regular sex means having sex every two or three days throughout the month. You should learn more about the signs of ovulation so you know when you are most fertile.

If you’ve been having regular unprotected sex for more than a year, your doctor may recommend a range of tests to determine what’s stopping you from conceiving.

If the tests determine that either you or your partner are infertile, there are a number of fertility treatments that are available to you, such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

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